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We’re a small brokerage that is always available for you to have someone to talk to, to help you walk through problems, and how to navigate the real estate market. As Real Estate moves forward with technology, it is making it easier to gain access to lots of information. It’s also becoming less and less personal, but with Vidaurri Realty Group we haven’t lost that personal touch. Our No. 1 priority is making sure our clients’ needs come first and we are always ready to answer any questions our client’s have.

About Sylvia & Eric

Vidaurri Realty Group started out as Sylvia and Eric, a mother/son duo. They are willing to “go all out” for their clients. Sylvia has been in the real estate game since 1999. She’s well established and knows how to get it done. Eric is there right beside her with the bold ideas and new ways of marketing homes. Together with Sylvia’s experience and Eric’s marketing skills, they make an “all out” team. They will both do everything they need to do to make sure you get the results you want.

At Vidaurri Realty Group we know you are the kind of person who wants a great place to live that doesn’t break the bank. In order for it to be like that you need to know where to look. The problem is homes are flying off the market, and if there’s a home at a great price those are flying even faster.  This may make you feel pretty discouraged and like you’re just wasting your time. We believe everybody should have a chance at finding a home that they’ll love and one that doesn’t break the bank. We understand that looking for a home shouldn’t be a roller coaster of disappointment. That’s why we search all around Austin for homes that you’ll love, new builds and resales. 

Here’s how it works.

Once you know what you can afford and you’ve set your price limit we’ll set you up on an email so you’ll know when homes you like hit the market.  You do have to be willing to see homes quickly and move fast. Don’t worry we’ve been in business over 20 years and with our experience we’ll be able to coach you and help you make the right decisions all the way to the close.  So, if you’re in the market and you’re ready to take the leap to home ownership, send us a message so you can stop paying rent and start building equity in a home you’ll love.


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