New Home Buyers Guide

Step 1 – Get Pre-Qualified

Quick Tip – Getting pre-qualified does not equal getting pre-approved. Pre-qualified is based on the information you give. Pre-approval is the bank going through all your financial information and giving you the approval to buy a home.


This can either be done through the builder or through a mortgage company. 

This is an obvious first step, but it is very crucial and needs to be done. This will help you know what you can look at and what you can afford. 

Step 2 – Search 

Quick Tip – Use the map on our website to search out all the new home neighborhoods in the Austin Area

What is your criteria?

1) Determine where you want to be and what part of town

2) Determine the type of home you want 

3) Determine when you want to move 

Start Looking

Search the Internet, you can use the map we created and have a general knowledge of where new home neighborhoods are located

Use any search engines and just look for “new neighborhoods” in any part of town you are interested in. 

Quick Tip Once you know where all the neighborhoods are, you should search some more and see if their are multiple builders there.

Go to each builders website and view their inventory.

Call each builder and ask them if they have homes that fits your criteria

If Yes

Schedule a showing a go tour 

If No

Ask them if they will be releasing homes

If they are releasing homes ask them when or if they know when

If they don’t know when you are just going to have to check in by calling or ask to be put on an auto email 

Quick Tip : find out what builder incentive plans they have and what new home buyer programs they have.

Once on tour the rep will sit you down and let you know what their home buying process is like. They will go into detail about what homes are available and when they are ready for move in. 

Next you will walk the model and remember the model represents the best of their homes

This will give you the chance to see if you like how the builder lays out their homes. Most neighborhoods have very similar floor plans and layouts 

*Don’t forget to ask the rep what are the main differences between the model and the homes available

Now you want to ask if you can tour a home that is almost complete or complete similar to a home you want

If you like this home then it get serious 

The rep will take you back to the office and let you know how to secure a home 

( It’s usually done on-line and the home is secured once you deposit your earnest money )

Step 3 – Signing 

* Remember when signing that the builders rep works for the builder and works for them. 

Most signings happen on-line. Depending on the builder they will have different contracts. 

You will stay in contact with the rep or another representative and they will walk you through securing the home you want

But at the end of the day you will give your deposit and put the home under contract in your name!

And always remember to look for home buyer programs on-line and see if any are available

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